Daniel Pino

One of the most renowned television actors, Danny Pino, emerged as the father of a lively infant boy, Luca Daniel Pino. He is widely recognized for his captivating portrayal on the CBS show “Cold Case” and his memorable character, Detective Nick Amaro, on the NBC series “Law and Order.” Moreover, enthusiasts adore his portrayal of Miguel Galindo, the leader of a drug cartel, in the sequel to “Sons of Anarchy,” titled “Mayans M.C.”

Personal Life

Born on the 15th of February 2006, Luca Daniel Pino, now at the age of twelve, primarily draws recognition through his paternal lineage. Numerous photographs of this celebrity offspring grace social media platforms. The joyous arrival of baby Luca transpired at the Los Angeles Area Hospital, with the newborn weighing a robust eight pounds at birth.

Luca’s father, Danny Pino, of Cuban descent but born in Florida, USA, was raised in the vibrant city of Miami, attending Rockway Middle School. Since 2002, Danny and his beloved wife, Lily Pino, have embraced a blissful marital union.


Luca’s younger brother, Julian Franco Pino, entered the world on the 5th of June 2007, with a mere interval of approximately one year and three months between the siblings. A plethora of Instagram photographs featuring the brothers is available for perusal.

Danny, a proud family man, has never concealed the fact that his wife and children are the quintessential pillars of his life. In an interview, he candidly expressed that his family provides the fortitude necessary to navigate the challenges of reality.

Career and Education

Danny and Lily maintain a strict veil of privacy surrounding their children, leaving no room for information regarding Luca Daniel Pino’s educational endeavors. Consequently, the school Luca attends remains undisclosed. The family’s personal lives shall remain shrouded. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the parents are immensely supportive and loving. Perhaps, in due course, Luca will decide to illuminate the depths of their personal experiences.

As previously mentioned, Danny embarked upon his illustrious acting career in 2001. This multitalented individual pursued a degree in Theatre at Florida International University, leaving an indelible mark through remarkable appearances in various films and television productions.

Lily Pino, who encountered the love of her life during her college years, also thrives in the entertainment industry. Primarily recognized for her theatrical prowess, she has exhibited her exceptional talent in numerous stage productions. In addition to her acting acumen, she harbors a fondness for music. However, she transitioned from her acting profession into full-time motherhood.

Luca Daniel’s Net Worth

Given his tender age, Luca is still a school-going child, with no career path to tread upon. However, his parents have amassed considerable wealth through their acting careers. Lily’s net worth is estimated to be approximately three million dollars, while authoritative sources report that Danny has accumulated a net worth of three million dollars.

Wrapping Up

The majority of Luca Daniel Pino’s personal details remain concealed from public scrutiny, leaving us with limited knowledge about his private life.